1. To my beloved Milo….where do I start💔

    The second I saw your picture I instantly fell in love with you…. You’ve made such an impact in my life, you taught me so much and only you and I will ever know based on the conversations we would have, you was a brave, strong and persistent dog in a tiny body but yet a huge personality, courageous, and loving attitude….

    I will forever miss you waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I came to the house so that I would pet you and kiss you on top of your head I will forever miss you, climbing on the couch and laying on my chest, I will forever miss you coming over to me in the morning to snuggle with me, and I will forever miss those sad eyes that you gave me as I was leaving the house every morning, I would tell you I will be back later and you would wiggle your tail…..

    Rest in peace my Papatito💔

    You will forever be my only Milo…

    Love Papa

  2. Mi niño de caramelo;

    It’s been a week that you left for the Rainbow bridge. You have no idea how much I miss you. I come home from work thinking that you’re going to be on top of the couch looking out the window all excited to see me or on the first step right at the door wiggling your tail as fast as you could waiting for me to take you on a walk. The house feels so empty without you. There is no moment during the day that I don’t think of you. I didn’t know how much I could get to love you!!! You made my life more beautiful. I can’t still believe you’re gone, I still have so much love to give you, and yes, I’m still crying for you. You were here for 20 beautiful months and left a mark in my heart for the rest of my life.
    I miss you so much Milo. You taught me a great and tough lesson; to love unconditionally.

    Love you forever,

    Your human mom, Marcela

  3. Sweet Milo!
    You were so loved. You made your Mom so happy. You will always be loved. Always.

  4. My dearest Milo!!!
    It’s been 2 weeks since you left us. I miss you so much.
    I still think you are coming up and down the stairs with me. Mi chaparrito lindo, you have no idea how empty the house feels. I’m always talking about you and can hold my tears but once in a while I am unable to. It hurts so much that you’re not here.
    I saw your cousin Jax today and he went crazy when he saw me. I’m sure he thought of you and wanted to make me feel happy. I miss you Milo and wish you’re having so much fun in the Rainbow Bridge.

    Love you so much,

    Your human mami,

  5. Hello My Dear Milo!!!

    How are you doing today?? Have you played so much??
    I have thought and talk about you all day today! Guess what?? Auntie Janet gave me a necklace that spells your name!!!!!!! It is so beautiful, i want to wear it every day.
    We can’t wait to get one of your siblings!!! Nobody will replace you at all but we built so much love for you that can’t hold it inside. You will always be in my heart.
    Celina is always showing me videos of you, sometimes i want to see them, some other times they just make me so sad because you are not here.

    I love you so much,

    You human mami

  6. Hola mi chaparrito hermoso!!!
    Como está ese niño lindo hoy???
    Adivina que?? Jesús ya está en casa. Se puso muy triste al ver que tú no estabas aquí. Cuando el y yo nos abrazamos yo le dije, Milo estuviera ladre y ladre pidiendo tu atención.
    No sabes cuánto te extrañamos todos aquí en la casa!! Todavía sigo llorando por ti mi niño de caramelo!! Te extrañamos mucho. Fuiste un niño muy amado por todos nosotros.
    Me regalaron un libro que habla sobre cuando alguien ama a un perro y todo lo que dice es muy cierto!!! Me han regalado dos estatuas de una mamá cargando a su perrito, también me regalaron un cuadrito muy lindo que es como si tú me hablaras!! Solo mi Dios sabe por qué te fuiste mi Milo hermoso!! Solo Dios sabe la lección que tenemos que aprender.
    Ya casi se cumple un mes que te me fuiste y te siento todavía como si estuvieras aquí.
    Te amo mi chaparrito lindo y extraño un montón,

    Tu mami Marcela

  7. Hola mi Niño lindo!!! Como está ese chaparrito hermoso???

    You have no idea how much I miss you!!! I have been crying again because it makes me very sad that you are not here. Your birthday is coming up and we are going to celebrate you. You can not imagine how many things we have received that reminds us of you. Our friends really know that we loved you so much and that we heartbroken since you left. No me puedo resignar a estar sin ti. Tu traías tanta felicidad a esta casa y a nuestras vidas que desde el día que te fuiste todo es diferente.
    Mi chaparrito lindo!!! Estás jugando con tus amiguitos mi corazón?? Te estás portando bien allá?? No hay día que pase que yo no te mencione. Te extraño mucho, y me hace muy triste el no tenerte.

    Por siempre tu mami,


  8. Mi corazón lindo, it’s been awhile I cl t write to you but, it doesn’t mean I have forgotten about you. I’m always talking about you. Guess what? Paco has joined out family!!!! He is a miniature dachshund just like you, he is black and he has long ha hair. He’s still a baby, he is 4.5 months, and he has fitted well here in the house. All of us love him and we are always calling him your name!!! I can’t believe tomorrow will be only three months since you left. I am healing really well. I dont cry as much as before but I still miss you so much! You are one of a kind, you know that, right?
    Paco is very shy and well behaved, he hasn’t damaged anything yet, he goes up and down the stairs but falls once in a while. He knows you were the king here and is getting to know every place of the house because he smells your scent.
    I hope you’re having so much fun with your friends in the Rainbow Bridge. Please look after us!

    Love you forever,

    Tu mami Marcela

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