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  1. My beautiful girl, I miss you so much Bailey. I miss making the boys lunches with you and your sister waiting patiently for a piece of ham, I miss hearing your paws when you were coming to see us, I miss the way you would scratch your head and side by going through our legs while we were standing, I miss you being at the door when I walk in but most of all I miss giving you hugs and you hugging right back. I know it was your time to go, you were ready and hurting but all of us are broken without you. You were the best family dog we could’ve ever asked for. I can still see that beautiful little puppy in the shelter barking at me when I walked in wagging that tail. In that moment I knew you were going to be family and we never looked back. The boys miss you so much, especially Vincent. He misses you sleeping with him and taking over the entire bed. You took a piece of all of us when you went to the rainbow bridge. I will forever feel guilty because I’m the one who made the phone call but you were struggling so much. I would’ve gladly given you years from me to keep you with us. You were our first fur baby, it’s like Vinny and I lost our oldest kid. You were with us almost 15 years and it will never be enough. I hope you are running around and get all the treats you want now. I miss you Bailey, forever and always. I will see you again someday my sweet girl.
    “I will endure a lifetime of missing you for the privilege of loving you”

    Love always and forever,
    Mom 💗💗

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