At Rainbows End we offer the following options: Private/Individual | Partitioned Cremation | Communal/Group

Private/Individual Cremation:

A cremation procedure during which only one animal’s body is present in the cremation unit during the cremation process.


A cremation procedure during which more than one pet’s body is present in the cremation chamber and the cremated remains of specific pets are to be returned. Due to a number of factors and by the virtue of multiple pets being cremated within the same unit at the same time, active commingling of cremated remains will occur.

Communal/Group Cremation:

A cremation procedure where multiple animals are cremated together without any form of separation. These commingled cremated remains are not returned to owners and are scattered in fields.

Pre Planning

At Rainbows End we understand the loss of a pet is a painful experience for you and your family. Most individuals or families will find that decision making is difficult at the the time of loss. By making arrangements in advance, you are able to focus and achieve peace on what counts most your beloved companion.

Custom Urns

You may choose from a wide variety of custom urns as a final resting place for your beloved companion. You may also like to choose other memorials and jewelry to keep your companion with you all the time.

View Custom Urns

Viewing & Waiting Room

At Rainbows End, pet parents will always be welcome to visit our location and with scheduled appointments view the process and wait in our waiting room to receive back your cremains.

Pick Up

At Rainbows End we will pick up either at your location or at your veterinary office for a fee. Hours Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm. Emergency pick ups can also be arranged.

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