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  1. We had to say our final goodbyes to Bella on 1/14/22 . Bella was 16 and fought IBD for the last 14 years . I adopted her from an animal rescue in Rhode Island as an 8 week old kitten as a buddy for my shepherd Grizzly because he had just undergone major back surgery and was on restricted activity and so depressed . Funny story, shelter thought she was a male and her name was Elliot there . She also was visual impaired but you would never know it . I remember bringing her out to the car to meet Grizzly and they instantly bonded . Bella snuggled right up to him and Grizzly gave her a big lick . They were inseparable from that moment on . Bella would follow Grizzly everywhere and even go with him to my mother’s during the day while I was at work. Her IBD started when Grizzly passed. Bella was the sweetest and most affectionate cat . She loved laying on my shoulder and just cuddling . Bella just grew tired but she was able to enjoy one last Christmas and I got to spend my birthday with her . Yesterday with the Christmas tree lit up , since sleeping under the tree was her favorite spot , us holding her and with the help of Dr Karin Anderson of Veterinary Housecalls Bella crossed the rainbow bridge. Thanks to Rainbow’s End Cremation ,I was able to bring Bella back home and never had to leave her side . I will miss my sweet girl so much, rest easy Bella until we meet again❤️.
    Love your mommas , Loki , Thor , Thunder , Butters and Chip .

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