1. Momma will always love you forever and always.I miss you dearly my babyboy.Im glad your not suffering any longer but my heart suffers not having you here to play with,snuggle with and sing too in my arms like you loved at night before bedtime,but i will always remember the good times as you brought me so much happiness and you were such a loving bunbun so sweet and precious.Until we meet again my handsome,handsome brown eyed babyboy,my Chip (aka) my little Chipperini

  2. To my handsome brown eyes sweet babyboy Chip,Momma absolutely misses you every single day since loosing you April 1st and of all days on April Fools Day and I was praying it was just a joke you passing away screaming for hours,crying,holding you in my arms so tight not wanting to let you go cuz it broke and shattered my heart terribly and the 5 days before momma’s birthday too.I hate April 1st the day you passed and April 5th the day i cremated you and as well as today April 6th my birthday because of how much it hurts still deep down and side.This past year has been aweful and i know your with me still but i wish i could hold and snuggle you,sing to you and play with you,but i know ill see you again one day.Im just glad your not suffering any longer and your okay so that makes my heart happy but youll never be replaced because you are definitely one of a kind.Your personality was amazing.Your brother and kids and gf bunbun and brother in law (lol) all misses you too.Your siblings Bianca,Paige and Liam miss you so much as well,Liam still cries and holds your urn and snuggles with you sometimes and gives you kisses and the kids bring you gifts flowers and all ither beautiful things to go next to you were you rest and momma talks to you weekly and i hope your listening to me and love what i say and when i sing to you sometimes still.We all really miss you and love you oh so much our handsome brown eyed babyboy (My) Chip (aka)Chipperini,Until we all meet again bunbun

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