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  1. Dear Lincoln,

    Your mother was Layla Oldstage and your father was Billy the Kid Oldstage. You were born on July 21 2014 on a warm summer’s day. A few weeks after you were born, we were invited to come see you. From the moment I met you I knew you were the one for me out of your whole litter. When you came to our house on October 11, 2014 you became Lincoln Oldstage Gonzalez.

    You were our first son. We threw you birthday parties and celebrated every moment with you. I hope beyond hope, that you enjoyed the short time you had with us. For almost 10 years you were my kitty bro, my buddy, my friend, and my confidant. I can remember countless nights video gaming with you at my side. When we weren’t gaming, we were lounging somewhere in the house talking to each other. And when I had a bad day or was sick you were steadfastly by my side. I loved how whenever I would get into spirited discussions with Jenn you would step in to break up the fight and shoo her away. I used to laugh about that and still do. Once my sons were born I needed to pay attention to their needs but they never ever replaced you. When Logan was born, the first thing I did was introduce you to him. I did the same with Parker as well.

    You passed away on November 14th 2023. it was a cool fall day. I was not prepared for it at all. I miss you more than you can imagine. Even though I know you are gone I search for you all over the house. I miss every moment without you. I miss your sounds and your greetings. I miss feeding you. I miss petting you. I miss your good little kitty heart. I miss every one of your expressions you would share with me. I wish you could have been with us for so much longer.

    Thank you for everything that you were,


    Gill, Jenn, Martha, Logan, Parker, and Family

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