1. Lucy, I miss you terribly. It’s hard to write this looking at you sweet face. I’d give anything to have you come back…to take you for walks…to give you treats under the table at dinner time…to catch you chewing up a sock or a slipper…to see you lying by my feet at night, when I stayed up late, and everyone else was in bed…to play hide and seek (wish we’d done that more often!)…greeting us with a towel in your mouth, doing the Lucy shake, when we’d come home…playing in the snow…chasing squirrels…going crazy when you saw a cat.

    You loved every person you met, and every dog, too.

    You were one of a kind, and I love you, and always will. All four of us in this house love you and miss you.

    15 years is a long time for a dog like you to live…we feel blessed that we got bonus years with you. But, they weren’t enough. They would never be enough. At the end, we couldn’t bear to see you suffering, so we had to say goodbye. Even though it broke four hearts.

    See you at the end of the rainbow bridge someday…my sweet, playful, loving dog…my beautiful friend…my buddy forever!

  2. Lucy – you were not just the best dog, you were my best friend. Adjusting to life here without you is extremely hard. It’s like living without the sun. You brought so much light and happiness to us every single day.

    I miss walking downstairs and seeing you lying at the bottom of the stairs waiting for us to come see you (and give you cookies of course). I miss giving you belly rubs, and spoiling you rotten. I could never say no to your sweet face… even after WAY too many cookies.

    You grew up with me, and were my comfort in the hardest times. No matter what, you were always there for me without judgement, and only love to give. I’ll miss you forever, and will think of you every single day.

    When we meet again, please greet me with a towel and lots of tail wags and kisses. <3 I love you.

  3. My sweet Lucy,

    You were my first dog and my dream come true. I no longer had to clip a leash on my stuffed animals and carry them around the house; you were real!

    We met when I was almost 15; as soon as I saw you on Petfinder, I emailed your foster mom on behalf of our family. You were perfect and the fact that we found each other (after you were adopted and returned, and then seriously inquired about the day before we made the trip) is a miracle. You were always destined to be our girl!

    We grew up and experienced life together. You were sleeping in your crate in my bedroom when I’d wake up at night, having a panic attack, and it brought me comfort to know my best, most reliable friend was right there. You were there when I graduated high school, college and you’d greet me every evening when I’d come home from work with a wiggle.

    I loved our “strolls” together. We would walk the beach or the island and I’d always feel so proud you were mine. Especially when people would stop to tell me how beautiful you were… and you LOVED people; maybe more than you loved other dogs (if that’s possible).

    You truly did not have a single mean bone in your body; you were always goofy and smiling and “squeaking” whenever a new or old friend approached. You were patient and sweet when I’d insist on a “photoshoot”, and I’m so grateful to have so many memories to look back on.

    We were so spoiled by your temperament, but also with your good health and zest for life! Nobody ever believed you were your age. You’d run circles around much younger dogs and continued your twice daily “walkies” until after your 15th birthday.

    We might have met when I was 15, but we had to say goodbye when you were 15. Half of my life has been spent with you as my true constant and very best friend. I don’t remember how to do this life without you by my side (or under the kitchen table at dinnertime, or sprawled out against the front door, or on the other end of the leash). What I DO know is that we were blessed with your sunshiny spirit and beautiful, gentle soul. …and I pray that you felt all of our love and gratitude for the gifts you brought into our lives.

    Lucy, there is no love like dog love; you taught me that, and I will love you like this for the rest of my life. I will never stop sharing stories and happy memories of our time spent together. You will always be my “huckleberry friend” and the very best girl. Until we meet again, Queen… 💜

  4. My sweet Queen Lucy, life without you is so very difficult. I replay our last moments in my mind and heart and I still feel such pain and sorrow. There is such an emptiness without your beautiful eyes, your silly-sweet smile. I still expect you at the door with a towel in your mouth and a wiggle and squeak. I still see you asleep or see you flash by out of the corner of my eye. I still think about you and wonder if someone is home to take you out or feed you at dinner time. Our lives revolved around you and your routines…and happily so. Its hard, even 4 months later, to let those things go.

    I had always wanted a dog. Begged for one as a child. My Dad had asthma, sister had very bad allergies and my Mom was never an animal lover but it was always my dream to share my life with a dog. Mariah discovered your video on Petfinder and we were all captivated by you…I can still hear Sharon, your foster Mom’s voice…”This is Lucy….” from that moment, we were your family…you just didn’t know it yet. Mariah wrote to Sharon and despite the fact that another family had expressed interest in you, she was so taken with Mariah’s emails that she also knew that Lucy was our girl. We drove down to Rhode Island to meet you and you jumped right into the van as if you had always known us. It was miraculous and the beginning of 15 years of love, laughter, and tons and tons of cookies.

    Our lives changed from that moment on. You were a puppy…and we were in so love with you despite the destroyed couch, endless socks and Matt’s slippers, so many comforters I can’t even remember them all, sticks, rocks, icicles and your jaw which would lock and scare the hell out of me each time. You lost your mind at the neighborhood cats and squirrels and the other dogs at the Sandy Paw daycare didn’t know what to make of your endless energy and they bounced you back to us. Crazy puppy time moved into a calmer girl with the most beautiful disposition. You loved all people and couldn’t get enough of any guest who spent time in our home. You loved to play with other dogs and you were Matt’s loyal, loving and constant companion. Your many years of wonderful health are a tribute to his devotion to your twice daily walks on Deer Island or the beach. No matter the weather, you were out there with him. So many of our most beautiful memories are in pictures and videos of you greeting the rising sun on the beach or your adorable, silky ears flopping up and down as you trotted along the trails of the Island. I am so grateful for those pictures and videos now.

    Your white eyelashes and eventual white fur around your face made you even more glorious. There has never been a dog as beautiful as you, sweet girl. Matt was so devoted to your care, making sure that your gorgeous brown/black fur was brushed every night with tons of cookies making it one of your favorite times of the day. We treasured every moment hugging you, burying our faces in your fur, blowing on your face so we would get “cheap kisses”, feeling your head lean on our shoulders as you hugged us back. How I wish I could pat your beautiful head one more time…kiss you and hug you. It makes me well up with tears thinking of how much we are missing you every moment.

    God knew exactly what He was doing when he created dogs. They are a nearly perfect creation and a reflection of God’s unconditional love in this very imperfect world. They just love. There is no judgement, no anger…nothing but pure love and living in the joyful moment. I am humbled that I was able to spend 15 amazing years in your glorious, loving presence.

    We have all been changed by your life, Lucy….our sweet Loomay, our Lulu, the Queen of Everything…but especially our hearts. I know you are in God’s light and love and you will greet us again someday.

    I love you Lucy. I will miss you every day for the rest of my life.

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