1. Precious was adopted through the MSPCA. She was originally supposed to be for my youngest sister who so badly wanted a dog for Christmas. My mother finally gave in and went to the shelter and from the moment Precious was taken out of the kennel, she immediately stuck to my mother. She tried to fight a husky because she thought it was too close to them meanwhile, it was on the opposite side of the hill. When Precious went home to meet her new owner… my youngest sister, she could care less ha ha ha. All she wanted to do was stay close to her person, my mother and protect her and has successfully done so for the past 13+ years. She has lived a good, full, spoiled life filled with walks and steak! And yes, my youngest sister did get her dog the following year who is still with her to this day!

  2. My beautiful old lady! My best friend. My shadow! How am I going to do going everyday without hearing you? Without seeing you? I will miss you with all my heart and am very thankful for all the years you have giving me and loved me I will meet you at the rainbow bridge. Run free my love

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